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On Saterday 11 September 2010 I took part in a battlefield tour of STIWOT to the Bunker Museum of the foundation WN2000 at IJmuiden. This foundation makes himself strongly for the conservation of the bunkers in this region. During the second world war the German bezetter built a vast scheme of coast batteries, air defense batteries, commando centres and infantry positions in the coast area of the Festung IJmuiden. This so-called Seefront IJmuiden stretched itselves along the coast from of Heemskerk to Bloemendaal. This defence line was part of the Atlantikwall, the almost 1500 miles defence line from the North Cape to the Spanish border. During this day I learned more about the history of Seefront IJmuiden. We visited a part of this verdedigingslinie, the Marine Küsten Batterie Heerenduin and Marine Flak Batterie Olmenas well as a number of exhibitions in some of the bunkers. The weather was excellent and it was a nice battlefield group. We had a lunch in the Port Museum and as a souvenier I bought a beautiful lighthouse. An acquisition at home.

Atlantic Wall 1942-1944

Bunker Museum IJmuiden

On the way to the Bunkermuseum I saw a torpedo bunker. In this bunker torpedo's were stored for the Schnellboten. On the right photograph still a part of the rails you see a part of the rails of the train which carried these torpedo' s to the Schnellboatbunker. These Schnellboten were charged with these torpedo' s and patrolled along the Dutch coast.
The Schnellbootbunker is now in use af factory. The Schnellbootbunker in the port of IJmuiden during the war years.
Model of a Schnellboot.
Model of a Schnellboot. Schnellboot on patrol along the Dutch coast.

The bunkers of the Festung IJmuiden
The bunkers of Festung IJmuiden

On this bunker stood the Wurzburg radar, which was used for observing planes and ships. In this bunker was the operation room.

This is such a Würzburg radar.


Unique drawings in a German bunker